Tracey & Team

Tracey Winbush

Host, tracey and friends

Tracey Winbush has been working in radio, television, and film since 1980’s. Her background is in marketing and sales, specializing in politics with an emphasis in urban targeting. Tracey began her on-air radio career as a co-host on the Real Deal Herman Hill Show. After observing the industry she moved into sales management as the General Sales Manager of the radio cluster with a dream of owning her own broadcast one day. In 2006 the opportunity opened and she is currently the Host of Tracey and Friends, a daily news/talk program that covers the topics of the day. Her politics and marketing experience adds to the daily discussion and assists in the navigation of the show and its branding. Tracey’s aggressive outspoken passion drives the show and that personality transfers to the listening audience every time she takes the mic.

She is a single African-American Black female raised in Hubbard Township currently living in the inner city of Youngstown with her family.

Jeff green

co-host, tracey and friends

Jeff Green is a highly knowledgeable conservative that has been involved in politics most of his life. He is a news and talk radio aficionado. Jeff stays abreast of all the local, state, and national news on a constant quest to quench his thirst for information. He has worked on several successful political campaigns and is very articulate at describing the political landscape from a conservative point of view. Jeff is a business owner and has worked in management in the government hierarchy. A skilled musician and people person but dogmatic in his views, he strives for truth backed by fact. The audience welcomes his views as well as his banter, especially when he is in conversation with a liberal. It can warm up a cold day. He was raised in the city of Youngstown and has worked his way with his family to the suburbs of Austintown.  He understands why we are a capitalistic society.

Ben bradshaw

Contributor, Tracey And Friends

Ben Bradshaw (Deric Assid) a local business owner that has studied abroad and really understands foreign policy and trade. He is new to the radio industry but has been with us for 3 years, and brings a fresh suburban viewpoint to the conversation. Affectionately known as Ben for on-air purposes because we never know what sarcastic remark will get him into trouble. (Always timely, never mean but always funny and usually corny) Suburban white male, not sure why inner city life is as the way it is.

Lloyd "sticks" burt

contributor, tracey and friends

Lloyd “Sticks” Burt our resident country prepper, is a conservative rural farm guy that pulls in a perspective that is just good old fashion common sense. He is a highly intelligent independent thinker when it comes to living off the grid and  is especially knowledgeable about coal and compressed natural gas. Lloyd has core family values and thinks America would be better off if the government would just leave its citizens alone to make it on their own. He thinks NASCAR is just as exciting as the NFL and lives on a farm with his wife and has two adult children.

Mark mangie

contributor, tracey and friends

Attorney Mark Mangie has engaged in the private practice of law for forty years. He has been politically active since the age of fourteen working for Barry Goldwater’s 1964 campaign. In addition to his law degree, he holds a BA in Political Science with an emphasis in foreign relations and has done extensive postgraduate work in Russian history and education. He has an extreme interest in the arts currently serving as co-chair of Power of the Arts in Mahoning and Trumbull Counties. A long time blogger and restaurant reviewer, he is launching a lifestyle website concentrating on living large in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

Matt mason

contributor, Tracey and friends

Dr. Matt S. Mason is a Certified Wellness Physician through the I.C.A. on Wellness Science. Doctor Mason earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree with a B.S. in Human Biology at Parker College in Dallas, Texas.