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Tracey and Friends is a general talk radio program primary focus is to inform and educate the listening audience socially, politically, economically, physically and spiritually. The intent is to empower people by encouraging them to think. Thinking people change communities and advance future generations.
It is patterned after water cooler and coffee shop conversations, where everyday people meet and chat about the issues of the day. No topic is taboo and no listener or caller is a visitor. Everyone is welcome and everyone feels like family. The banter between the personalities in conjunction with the informational dialog engages the live national guests and the listener into an unedited conversation which cannot not be duplicated.
The program also includes well produced up to the minute national news segments produced by ABC News at the top of the hour, with Mahoning Valley local news at the bottom of each hour.
It is the only program of its kind on the air that actually targets racially and socially economic diverse demographics. Tracey and Friends broadcasts from the Youngstown-Warren WHKZ, which covers the Eastern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania area and because of the internet has Global Influence. Tracey and Friends is 100 percent live and uncensored.


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